Sports Massage

“Sports massage at the Blackburn clinic has greatly improved my recovery and being able to combine the appointment with cryotherapy is great for injury healing” – S Ahmed

Sport massage Core Clinic Crosby, Liverpool.

What is Sports Massage and how can it help?


Sports massage is used by our qualified sports massage therapists at Core Clinic. Sports massage is used by millions of athletes all over the world to keep their muscles and surrounding soft tissues in good working order.

Massage helps prevent injury and can aid recovery making it an essential part of an athletes regime.

Sports massage can also be used on people who do not play sport – the underlying principle is the same.

Individuals with sedentary jobs can develop tight muscles due to poor posture and lack of activity. Following accidents muscles can go into spasm and soft tissue work can help release this.

Sports massage and deep tissue massage must be performed by a qualified clinicians to ensure that your condition is improved and not worsened. All of our clinicians are appropriately qualified and registered with the relevant governing bodies.

What to expect on at your first appointment?

During your consultation you will be asked a series of questions to make sure you are able to have deep tissue massage and. Once the clinician has clarified this treatment is safe for you they will provide you with a gown where appropriate and begin treatment.

Sport massage comprises several different treatment techniques and in addition patients are generally given home exercises and stretches to compliment the treatment.

We currently treat a number of professional athletes in clinic, in addition to several Olympic and para-Olympic hopefuls.

Our two Sports Rehabilitators, Emma Hunter and Laura Hodgson are both registered with BASRAT and hold Sports Rehabilitation BSc (Hons) degrees.

Advice of how many sessions required will be given on your first appointment and a plan of management will be explained for each individual. Please visit our contact page to book your first appointment or call us on 0151 345 0156.

Appointments are available throughout the day, evening and at weekends.

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