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Liverpool Sit Fit Older Adult Classes

Exercise can be daunting at the best of times but especially so if you have fallen out of the habit, or maybe even never really given it a chance. However there are a growing number of exercise classes aimed specifically at older adults and preventing falls, with a focus on increasing their strength, stability and balance – doing so in a well paced and empathetic manner.

Chair based classes focus on pushing up from sitting safely and utilising participants’ own bodyweight,in addition to resistance bands, hand weights and exercise balls.

Those with slightly more mobility may like to give pilates or yoga a try – both are excellent ways to maintain balance, posture and core strength.

We all know an older friend or relative who might benefit from exercise. Both in terms of their physical and mental health, but also for the camaraderie and social element that go hand in hand with exercising in a group setting.

Chair based exercise classes, older adult pilates and yoga are widely available throughout Sefton. At the clinic we run classes at the following times:

Monday 10.30am

Friday 11am

For further information on fitness and health classes check our new timetable 

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