Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Liverpool Circuit Training is for those in Liverpool wanting to improve there fitness. Our circuit training will be intense for the individual. The trainer will push each individual to their limit. No matter how unfit or fit you are exercises will test your boundaries.

Circuit Training is a mixed group with various ages. currently we have a tuesday evening class at 7pm but we will be adding more classes into the timetable as this is nearly full capacity each week. booking is vital to save your place. We keep numbers limited to ten per class. Check the timetable to see if we add anymore classes.

What Exactly Is Circuit Training

Circuit Training Liverpool is a series of exercises that last up to a minute with a small pause in between. Interval Training is the best way to improve fitness. These exercises work your whole body.

We use a wide range of equipment and circuit training is never the same. Just make sure you bring a bottle of water and have your goals set of what you want to achieve.

This circuit training boasts many happy customers who have achieved their goals, see some testimonials on our Facebook. Christian Hughes our personal trainer runs the circuit classes and he is highly experienced and knowledgeable. If anyone in the class wants one to ones to further push themselves please just have a word with christian or call the staff at the core clinic.


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