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Clinical Pilates Crosby. Clinical Pilates Group and Individual Classes Liverpool.

We have a range of Clinical Pilates classes at our Crosby, Liverpool clinic. These are not like normal Pilates classes you find in a sports centre or gym.

Clinical Pilates is lead by a team of experts that have to be trained in Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy and other such professions. This is so that your injury or chronic conditions can truly be taken into account. Our instructors are qualified with APPI.

Clinical Pilates Crosby requires a medical examination prior to starting a course. This allows us to give you the right exercise and you will be safe while doing so. We are able to take ongoing conditions and medications into consideration.

What is Clinical Pilates Crosby ?

Clinical Pilates Crosby classes strengthens your deep core muscles and the muscles around your joints. Improving posture and helping to reduce chronic pain. Clinical Pilates focusses on improving muscular patterns helping to reduce pain and prevent injury.

What is the difference between Clinical Pilates and Pilates?

Clinical Pilates can only be carried out by Physiotherapists/ Sports Therapist/ Chiropractors/ Osteopaths and Doctors who have further studied in Clinical Pilates. Clinical Pilates is specific to the student. Clinical Pilates instructors can take into account musculoskeletal problems that the student/patient may have.

Clinical Pilates is broken into several different exercises. Exercises that stabalise the pelvis, strengthen the core pelvic musculature, upper body strengthening, lumbo-pelvic disassociation, lumbo-thoracic disassociation and crevico-thoracic disassociation.  This is very focussed on deep myofascial tissue.

Regular Pilates is not as focussed. Although exercises may be positive for back pain and other problems they are generalised and aimed at the general population that have no problems. Pilates will not take into account medical problems. Some Pilates instructors may be qualified to give medical advice however this is not regulated. All Clinical Pilates instructors will be able to give medical advice and create a Clinical Pilates program based on the complaint of the student. This is not the case with regular Pilates. Both are beneficial but if you are suffering with any injury Clinical Pilates will be much more beneficial.

We have had great success in helping many people. You are never too old or too young! Clinical Pilates is brilliant for everyone from people with arthritis to professional sports athletes.

Keep your posture and body in perfect condition. Preventing injury and reducing chronic pain.

Booking your First Clinical Pilates Session

Please call to book your pre- course assessment 0151 345 0156


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