The Team

Core Clinic Team

At our Crosby Treatment Clinic we offer such a wide range of services all to do with Health and Wellbeing. We make sure that you are given time to explain your individual problems. Treatment options are discussed with the patient in our lovely Crosby Clinic.

To learn more about our multidisciplinary team based in Crosby, Liverpool click on the links below.

We have female and male practitioners; feel free to request a particular gender if this makes you feel more comfortable. All of our team are suitably qualified, possessing a wealth of experience and all are registered with their respective governing bodies.

Our Crosby Clinic team will advise you what treatment is right for you. Often one the course of treatment this may change and you will be advised so. Each individual will have a case manager so progression will be overseen and checked on a regular basis to make sure your progression is following the correct care pathway.

Meet the team below!



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